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Well, in the field of road traffic, the sub-type of non-pecuniary damage that occurs most frequently is biological damage . Its evaluation, performed by means of a medical assessment, takes into account both the temporary disability, relative to the period between the left and the definitive cure, and permanent invalidity, which concerns the harmful consequences that the injured person will never be able to eliminate even by recurring to medical care. The total amount of compensation is calculated using specific tables that establish certain amounts for each day of temporary disability and per percentage point of permanent disability. With reference to cases of permanent disability, it should be noted that up to 9 percentage points fall within the so-called micropermanent (or minor) lesion, exceeding this limit, the lesion will be considered serious and is called macro-permanent. Get a Las Vegas car accident attorney.

In any Las Vegas case, regardless of the procedure to be activated for the settlement of damages deriving from a traffic accident , it is always better to contact a lawyer , not only because road accidents are a complex matter and in constant evolution, but because the lawyer , thanks to his experience in the sector, he is the only one able to effectively interact with the Company and the liquidators; on the contrary, the injured party who is not assisted by a lawyer would be subject to the compensation conditions imposed by his insurance, as a dominant part of the contractual relationship, thus having to “satisfy” the compensation, often very limited, proposed by the liquidators.

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