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If a couple separates, then it must be clarified, among other things, whether maintenance is to be paid. For matters related to child support law firm in Chicago. Katz & Stefani, LLC is a Chicago family law firm offers you the best services to follow.

Child Support If a common minor child is present and lives after the separation – as usual – predominantly in one of the two parents, then the other parent is in principle obliged to pay child maintenance (so-called cash maintenance). The parent with whom the child lives (predominantly) fulfills their obligation to provide child support by providing care and education services. The amount of child support payable depends on the needs of the child and the capacity of the dependent parent. In practice, it is determined using the so-called residents table, which, however, has no legal force. Of the requirements contained therein, a court may well deviate, but in practice hardly occurs. It is first necessary to determine the maintenance-relevant average monthly net income of the obligatory parent. Already, in this case, legal laymen regularly reach their limits. Katz & Stefani, LLC has Chicago child support attorneys.
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