Divorce Attorney in St Pete Beach

Where to file a divorce petition? A divorce petition must be filed with the regional court competent for the last common place of residence of the spouses if at least one of them in that constituency is still resident or habitually resident. If there is no such place, the claim should be brought before the court having jurisdiction over the defendant's address. If, on the other hand, the place of residence of the defendant cannot be determined, the court of the plaintiff's place of residence will be competent to file a claim for divorce. For more information, please contact an attorney at The Law Firm for Family Law in St Pete Beach. These attorneys have helped couples with their divorce cases in St Pete Beach multiple times. They know what they're doing in terms of family law.


Hiring a divorce attorney St Pete Beach is not difficult. You just need to give the experianced family law firm in St Pete Beach, The Law Firm For Family Law a call. Getting a divorce is not something you expect to happen when you get married. Make sure the process is as painless as possible with a professional.



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