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he three most important criteria for examining invalidity following an accident are: suddenness, external impact and involuntary damage to health. For example, some insurance companies do not recognize a fall caused by circulatory failure as an accident, since the incident can be traced back to an organic illness. However, good tariffs can also be achieved if an accident is triggered by a heart attack or stroke. Of course, there are also borderline cases: Legal disputes often result in injuries due to a sudden effort. Example: When you move, you lift a heavy cupboard. When muscles, tendons or other parts of the body are pulled or otherwise impaired, this is an accident. Insurers, however, interpret such cases strictly. A herniated disc after heavy lifting, many insurance companies do not accept as an accident, because it is often synonymous with disc and meniscus damage signs of wear. It is important to hire a personal injury lawyer. An accident also occurs when the damaging effect only gradually occurs. Example: A climber slips into a crevice, cannot free himself and suffers frostbite. If, however, the insured inhale toxic substances in a work that is recognized as hazardous to health, there is no accident. Occasionally in such occupational diseases but the statutory accident insurance.

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