Hire a Los Angeles Real Estate Disputes Lawyer

Many people see real estate as a great investment opportunity, but some people are just looking to buy a house to help them have a more stable future. Whether you are looking to buy your dream home to stop wasting money by renting, or looking to buy a rental property in Los Angeles to invest your money, there will be contracts involved. You have to sign contracts to buy or to sell property. You sign a contract saying you will accept the amount offered or a contract that says you will pay this amount of money. There are other types of contracts you could sign in real estate as well. Issues arise, when people start violating the contracts that they signed.


If that happens and the contract has been violated, you will want to reach out to a skilled Los Angles real estate disputes lawyer. They have handled hundreds of real estate contract disputes and will know how to take on yours as well. There can be disputes with the broker, of the purchase agreement, but there can also be an issue when the seller does not disclosure facts about the property that needed to be disclosed. That includes structural damage, additions without permits, and any liens. Law Offices of Steven J. Horn are a business litigation law firm in Los Angeles who have handled different types of real estate disputes cases.

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