Land Whitmarsh LLP Handles Adoption

Not all households are the same, many times; children become orphaned or removed from their biological parents. When such situations happen to a child, many options are available for caring and supporting the child. In the US, adoption appears to be a leading option for most families that want to recruit new members. Legally, adoption is defined as the process whereby one individual (adult) assumes the parenting role of another person (usually a child). In adoption, filiation is transferred along with other rights and responsibilities.
Unlike most other systems, adoption involves the complete transfer of rights and responsibilities from the biological parent to the new parent. Since this type of family system leads permanent change in status, societal recognition is often required either by religious sanction or legal means.
In the US, specific laws have been enacted to govern adoption. These laws define the process of adopting a child or person. The rights and responsibilities of the adopted child are also defined in these laws. Like other issues that require strict compliance with the law, adoption involves stringent regulations that must be observed. If you live in Los Angeles and intend to adopt a child, you should get a qualified attorney to assist you in navigating the process. Land Whitmarsh LLP has a team of experienced family law experts who can help you to navigate the process of adoption. Contact the company for questions relating to adoption and other family law matters.

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