Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical examination in Philadelphia. Medical examination, or forensic examination, is one of the most popular types of research. Medical expertise is a common name for a whole complex of medical research. medical social; military medical, forensic; forensic psychiatric; examination of temporary disability; examination of the quality of medical care; examination of professional fitness and examination of the connection of the disease with the profession. As can be seen from the above list of directions, honey.


The expertise is not only at the intersection of law and medicine, but also includes the solution of social issues related to benefits and compensations for certain groups of citizens, the possibility of military service. Contact a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney. The demand for medical expertise is explained by the fact that objective information about a person’s health, degree of his ability to work or harm to health, degree of fitness for military service or hard physical labor, determination of kinship is often necessary.


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