Seal Beach Child Custody Attorney

Parental responsibility and contacts with the child in Seal Beach. When considering issues related to child custody, it is necessary first of all to understand the two concepts that function in family law and have separate definitions. The first wording is " parental responsibility ", that is a set of parents' rights and duties towards the child. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a Seal Beach family law firm


This term covers the possibilities given to parents, eg in the area of ​​making decisions about a child, managing his property or representing him. The second key term is " contact with the child ", which is understood as the right to direct contact and communicate with him. These are both personal contacts and those made via telephone, e-mail or the Internet. Hire a Seal Beach child custody attorney for your case. Separate treatment of these two issues by law means that parents – regardless of their parental authority – have the right and obligation to maintain contact with the child, unless the court decides otherwise.


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