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In practice, unfortunately, there are no examples when a divorce occurs due to a mental illness of one of the spouses. How should the court behave at that time, deciding on the guilt for the breakdown of the marriage? The spousal support law firm in Dunedin in such cases is in a rather difficult situation. Assessment of the behavior of spouses in the case when one of them is affected by a mental illness must be extremely penetrating. The main question in this proceeding is as follows: does a particular mental illness affect the spouse’s ability to perform marital duties and has the illness affected the course of the marriage? An opinion of an expert psychiatrist in a divorce case The expert psychiatrist gives an answer to these questions because special messages are required in this matter. The Law Firm for Family Law is  Dunedin family law firm. If the expert determines that the patient did not really control his behavior and did not observe marital duties due to illness, then the spouse can not be blamed for the breakdown of the marriage.

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