Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer is never an easy task. In most instances, divorce is a highly-charged emotional event that creates substantial stress. Taking time to hire the appropriate divorce attorney can save you additional grief and heartache.

Family law experts suggest interviewing several divorce lawyers before making a final decision. Start by making a list of potential candidates. Obtain referrals from friends, family, co-workers or neighbors. Considering one of every two marriages ends up in divorce, chances are good you know someone who can recommend a good lawyer.

It’s important to know which direction your divorce is headed prior to consulting with divorce lawyers. There are two types of divorce – uncontested and contested. Most people prefer uncontested divorces. If you and your spouse can reach an amicable agreement on how to divide assets you are probably a good candidate for an uncontested divorce.

If, on the other hand, you or your spouse do not want a divorce or fight over who will take ownership of possessions your divorce will be considered contested.

Unfortunately, divorce tends to bring out the worst in people. Oftentimes, uncontested divorces quickly become contested. Couples begin to fight over personal belongings, financial assets and real estate holdings, spousal or child support, and who will gain custody of pets. Knowing if your divorce will be contested or uncontested can help you locate a lawyer who possesses necessary skills to maximize your options.

When minor children are involved, divorcing couples should consider working with law firms who specialize in family law. Couples who hold real estate and financial portfolios will want to work with divorce lawyers experienced in tax and financial matters. Once you’ve developed a list, contact a minimum of four divorce lawyers to arrange a consultation. Prior to your meeting, prepare a list of income, expenses, financial assets and real estate holdings.

The fact of the matter is there is no such thing as an easy divorce. Even if both parties completely agree, divorce is a painful and emotionally-draining experience. The sting of divorce can be reduced by choosing a lawyer from the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro who is experienced family law firm in Irvine.

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